Military Order of the Devil Dogs

Military Order Of Devil Dogs, Jim Chamberlin Pound #185

Welcome to the Jim Chamberlin Pound, #185, Washington Pack, North West Division, Military Order of the Devil Dogs (MODD).  The MODD, more commonly called “The Dogs” is a subsidiary of the Marine Corps League.  They elect their own officers, conduct their own business meetings  and report to their own chain of command.  The membership of “The Dogs” is made up of regular members of the League who have been members in good standing for one year or longer and are recommended for membership by current Dogs.  Essentially, the MODD is ‘the best of the best’ as they comprise less than ten percent of the total League membership and yet are found at virtually all functions or working parties; often the entirety of those who turn out to participate are “The Dogs”

Jim Chamberlin Pound, #185

Military Order of Devil Dogs

The 2016-2017 Pound Officers are:

Pound Keeper

Pedigree Devil Dog Jim Brown

Senior Vice Pound Keeper

Pedigree Devil Dog TJ Morgan

Junior Vice Pound Keeper

Devil Dog Bill Bean

Dog Trainer

Pedigree Devil Dog Bill Town

Smart Dog

Devil Dog James Stailey

Police Dog

Pup Mikie Taylor

Watch Dog

Devil Dog Pat Rowand

Mad Dog

Pedigree Devil Dog Doug Shurtleff

Barking Dog

Pedigree Devil Dog Randy "Otter" Ott

Dog Robber

Pedigree Devil Dog Randy "Otter" Ott

Junior Past Pound Keeper 

Devil Dog Pat Rowan

Growl of the Jim Chamberlin Pound… WOOF WOOF… Pound Growl will be held 20 May 2017 from 8:30 am to 10 am.  Kibbles and bits will be had by all! As a side reminder, if you haven’t submitted your dog dues to the Dog robber, you owe him $20 for the FY 2015.